Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Painting Plein Air

I think the artist was enjoying the fresh air. 
The painting didn't in any way resemble the landscape.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The deadline is drawing near...

The deadline for the Call for Papers is 31 January 2013.
We are interested in papers from the fields of jewellery and metalsmithing that explore the links between individuals and communities, both real and virtual, through participation and exchange.

The conference theme has been chosen to specifically focus on collective participation and inspirational initiatives in contemporary practice.

We want papers that explore, investigate, uncover or expose participation and or exchange in practice within the fields of jewellery and metalsmithing.  Approaches for this may include but are not limited to:

1. Individuals and communities facilitating exchange of ideas, innovative models of interaction, cross cultural collaboration, experimentation and the development of strong networks.

2. Participation through dialogue, action and initiatives, activities to motivate change, to shift ideas or ideals.

3. The increasing relevance (or irrelevance) of online communities for contemporary practice. Do online communities enhance practice possibilities or do they take us away from real time in the studio?

4. Historical, contemporary or future contexts of practice. What has changed, what is new?

Paper Submission details

Abstract requirements:

The deadline for abstracts is 31 January, 2013.

Initial submissions should take the form of a 300 - 400 word abstract together with a one-page CV (.doc,.docx or pdf).  

Submissions should be emailed to jmga@griffith.edu.au with the word ‘Abstract’ in the subject.

Abstracts will be blind reviewed. Notification of the acceptance of abstract will be by 18 February 2013.  Successful applicants will be requested to submit their full paper.

Submission of papers:

Full papers will be required by 17 May 2013.
All papers will be vetted by the committee.

All papers accepted for the conference will also have the opportunity to be submitted for consideration for the refereed conference publication.

31 January       Deadline for abstracts

15 February     Notification of accepted abstracts
17 May            Deadline for full papers
12,13,14 July  Conference

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

spotted in the wearables lab at HKBU

The Wearables Lab at HKBU has been the home of the 2012 Haptic Interface an interactive inter cultural collaborative intensive.  This guy has been spotted in the lab...

Friday, November 2, 2012

GRADUATE METAL 13 call for entries

The JMGA 2013 Conference Participation and Exchange website is live! 
We will be updating regularly as details are confirmed. Most Importantly, what is available now is the Graduate Metal 13 Entry Form.
Entry to Graduate Metal 13 is open to students who have completed a Diploma, Associate Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Undergraduate or Honours degree in jewellery and/ or metalsmithing in Australia or New Zealand since the last JMGA  Biennial Conference in Perth in April 2010.

Please share this information around!

An Evening in Eden

Keight Davis (J&SO Graduate) is running a fundraising event so she can return China and volunteer again with Eden.  Her aim is to volunteer for 12 months next year assisting the Eden project.  Eden is a non-profit organisation where jewellery provides an escape from the hopelessness of prostitution and gives the women hope for a future.

The fundraising event will be an evening of live music and desserts. There will be a silent auction and Eden jewellery for sale. Please pass it on to anyone who may be interested!…


Friday, July 13, 2012

Haptic InterFace 2012

The Wearables Lab* is pleased to announce Haptic InterFace 2012: a new challenge for designers, artists, developers and creative practitioners who want to come face to face with the unexpected and new. This event will take place from November 10
th to 20th, 2012.

Professionals and creative thinkers from a range of backgrounds are invited to engage in an innovative trans-disciplinary laboratory that explores the borders and intersections of art, science and technology.

Our aim is to develop new ideas in relation to the body through the creative use of materials and praxis. Haptic InterFace considers an intermediary zone; not clearly part of the body (the intimate-self) or of the public (the communal-self) it can be viewed as a space of depth rather than surface. The affordances** of the body may undermine and even revise existing practices of embodiment and lead to new processes for navigating the alternative geographies of post-modernity. As our societies are increasingly reliant on technology, what becomes obvious is the unique contribution that corporeal experience plays in creativity, and creativity plays in research. Scholarship in art creation is equal to that in scientific research. Art creation in some cases may also be the result of research.

Hong Kong is an ideal location to explore new research paradigms.  As a high-density and hi-tech urban centre, it has a long history as a site of multi-cultural engagement and is a rapidly growing centre for the arts.  In close proximity to Shenzhen, the Wearables Lab has easy access to diverse and affordable materials and high-technology components as well as production facilities.

This is an un-conference-style event that is participant-driven. Participants will be encouraged to mash-up materials and technology and to find ways to let innovation happen in real-time. The underlying hypothesis is that an ethos of collaboration and real-time feedback may generate effective and engaging research environments, blending haptic and cognitive praxis with play.

* The Wearables Lab is a research hub at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

** An affordance is a quality of an object, or an environment, which allows an individual to perform an action.
How to apply:
As there are a limited number of places available, selection is based on quality of previous work and creative capacity to contribution to the overall group.

Please submit images of your work (max 10), a short biography and a covering letter stating why you wish to be involved not later than 1st August 2012.

The participants will be invited to make a 10-minute presentation about their practice to HKBU students and the general public during the event.

Prototypes/concepts will be exhibited in the Haptic InterFace exhibition at the end of the 10-day un-conference. It is anticipated that the resulting works should be finished within 12 months.

3000 HK$ (aprox. US$ 385) includes 10 days workshop, a materials budget, basic meals. The cost helps subsidize the expenses of this non-profit event.

Limited UGC funded places are available to outstanding candidates.

Some subsidised or billeted accommodation is available.

For application submission or any enquiry, please contact us: katia@hkbu.edu.hk or (852) 3411 8196.

Haptic InterFace exhibition
The un-conference will run parallel with the Haptic InterFace exhibition November 21st – December 16th at the Koo Ming Kwon Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong. It will feature art/design/multi-media work in the form of body-related objects from leading artists and designers around the world. Concepts and prototypes developed in the Wearables Lab will be added to the core exhibition at the end of the un-conference.

Who will be in there
·       ANDERSEN, Kristina (Wearable Computers, Netherlands). Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (STEIM) and Founding Research Fellow of the Research Institute in the Converging Arts & Sciences (ICAS) at the University of Greenwich.
·       CHUNG, Bryan (Interactive Multimedia, Hong Kong). Interactive Media Consultant and Assis. Prof. at HKBU.
·       FLANAGAN, Tricia (Wearables and Public Art, Hong Kong). Wearables Lab Director and Assis. Prof. at HKBU.
·       FUKS, Hugo (Computer Science, Brazil). Head of the Groupware Research Group and Assoc. Prof. at PUC-Rio.
·       GILGEN, Daniel (Intermedia Design, Germany). Intermedia Design Fachhochschule Trier - Hochschule fuer Technik, Wirtshaft und Gestaltung at University of Applied Science.
·       HO, Siu Kee (Sculpture, Hong Kong). Assoc. Prof. at HKBU.
·       JAMES, Johnathan (Print as object, Australia). Printmaker/Stylist and Lecturer School of Drama Fine Art and Music, Faculty of Education and Arts at Newcastle University.
·       KOCHHAR-LINDGREN, Kanta (Choreography, USA) Assoc. Prof. at the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at University of Washington Bothell.
·       SHAW, Elizabeth (Jewellery and Small Objects, Australia). Acting Convenor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art Griffith University.
·       TILBURY, Nancy (Fashion design, wearable technology) Studio_XO, London, UK.
·       VEGA, Katia(Computer Science, Brazil) Researcher at the Groupware Research Group, PUC-Rio.
·       WILDE, Danielle (Interactive Multimedia, Australia). Visiting Research Fellow at Exertion Games Lab at RMIT University and Prime Minster’s Australia Asia Research Scholar at The University of Tokyo in 2011.
If you are interested in being one of our sponsors, please contact katia@hkbu.edu.hk  or (852) 3411 8196 .

Friday, June 29, 2012

PIPA ProjectPIPA Project -

PIPA ProjectPIPA Project - Tricia Flanagan's Project PIPA (short for The Peripatetic Institute of Praxiology and Anthropology) is dealing with things that are close to my heart: 
This project is about revaluing skills that are being lost in consumer dependent societies, learning to fix things rather than throwing them away, sewing, repairing, modifying clothing rather than buying new clothes, using creative thinking to come up with unique and individual design solutions and aesthetic objects, reclaiming materials for reuse and developing critical-thinking communities with an eco-friendly attitude.
Marian Hosking    Choice of Motif         

Leading Australian jeweller Marian Hosking will trace how she has continued to work in the field of jewellery and silver-smithing.

In 2012 Marian Hosking has had her work represented by Galerie Ra at four fairs: Object Rotterdam in February, Frame Munich in March, Collect London in May and a KunstRai , Amsterdam in July. She has 4 pieces in the Design Museum, London exhibition Unexpected Pleasures at NGV Melbourne and is currently working towards another NGV exhibition later this year. The lecture will cover her research methodology and journey as a jeweller and silversmith, how motifs are selected and translated into silver. As a jeweller and maker of small vessels with a keen interest in plants and ecological issues, she works extensively from specific natural environments in Australia selecting individual specimens to highlight their unique forms and sometimes threatened extinction.


When: 6pm, Monday 2 July 2012

Where: Central Lecture Theatre S05_2.04 Queensland College of Art Griffith University
226 Grey St South Bank Brisbane

Cost: GOLD COIN (J&SO third year students will be requesting a gold coin donation at the door to go towards their graduate exhibition).

Enquiries and rsvps: 07 3735 3153